7 Secrets to Making Confident Vaccine Choices For Your Child With Facts Not Fear 

Whether you choose to vaccinate or not, we’re here to support you so you feel informed and empowered!

In this video, you will learn...

✓ Why Tylenol should be avoided before and after each vaccine!
✓ How there are choices when it comes to vaccine brands
✓ Why a one-size-fits-all schedule may not be in the best interest of your child
✓ Our signature system for making vaccine education easier to digest and tackle using the 3R approach and more!

Whether you choose to vaccinate or not, you are welcome to watch our free video!

Dr. Elana Roumell

Dr. Elana Roumell is a Pediatric Naturopathic Doctor and creator of Med School for Moms where she teaches moms how to safely be a "Doctor Mom". She believes every parent has the right to understand their medical choices and be informed every step of the way. 

Her passion for vaccine education began in 2016 when she was pregnant with her first child. After spending hundreds of hours researching what would be the best vaccine plan for her daughter, she realized she was not alone in feeling overwhelmed, scared and hesitant. She began offering vaccine consults and after working with hundreds of families she took her business online in order to support families all over the world.  


Dr. Ari Calhoun

Dr. Ari Calhoun is a Pediatric & Perinatal Naturopathic Doctor and a mom herself. She’s the founder of Wholesome Brain Medicine, her private medical practice located in San Diego, where she specializes in pediatric neurodevelopment, neuroimmune, and mental health disorders.  She believes in taking a proactive approach towards children’s health, and this is why preconception care and vaccine counseling have become a pivotal aspect of her practice.

Her background in research has supported her in turning complex information into tangible steps for her patients. As a parent herself and a doctor who specializes in immune mediated brain conditions, she understands how difficult this decision can be. She believes in an individualized approach to all aspect of care, including vaccinations, and is excited to be able to support you in creating a vaccination plan that leaves you confident in knowing you are supporting your child’s needs in the best way possible.


Ready to learn from this free video? Dr. Elana and Dr. Ari are excited to support you!