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I am Dr. Elana Roumell, creator of Med School for Moms.

As a naturopathic doctor and mother myself, I’ve seen a lot of sick kids... and a lot of stressed out mamas. After witnessing mom after mom after mom bring her little one into my office feeling scared, worried and overwhelmed, I KNEW I needed to do something to support and empower these moms…  

That’s why I created Med School for Moms: I gathered 10 integrative medicine practitioners from all over the country to help me provide online education (with video courses, guidebooks and support groups) for moms like you so you can make confident decisions about your family’s health and well-being… and build a village of supportive mamas!

Start feeling competent with your Doctor Mom tools so the next time your child gets sick you feel calm and collected... you've got this, mama!

I am like your best friend with medical perks. I love to share tips to make mama’s lives easier, I love to listen to your concerns and problem solve with you, and I LOVE to laugh about our mom failures. More than anything, I LOVE to help empower you to make decisions about your family’s health you feel GREAT about.

I’m soooo excited to share Med School for Moms with you and invite you into our Doctor Mom village!

With Love,