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Doctor Mom's Mindset Course

Learn how to THINK like a Doctor Mom so you can be EMPOWERED in your choices when your child gets sick!

Inside you will learn:

Video 1: Calm & Collected (10 minutes)

  • How Your Mom Brain Thinks
  • What is Driving Your Actions and WHY
  • How to Shift From ‘Fear to Clear’ in a 3-step Approach to Clear Decision Making

Video 2: Safety First (19 minutes)

  • What Signs and Symptoms to Look for When Your Child is Sick
  • Mom's Measuring Model So You Can Assess the Severity of Your Child’s Symptoms
  • Severe Signs and Symptoms Scale So You Know Exactly What You Are Looking For When it is Time to Visit Your Doctor or When You Can Safely Support Your Child From Home
  • Wise Way to Watch and Wait Formula so You Can Prevent Symptoms from Escalating and Prevent Your Kiddo From Taking a Turn for the Worst

Video 3: When Visiting Your Doctor (10 minutes)

  • How to Prepare for Your Visit to Your Doctor
  • Your Road Map, the SOAP Note
  • Understanding What Your Doctor Is Doing Each Step of the Way
  • Questions to Ask to Participate in Your Visit
  • How to Leave Your Doctor’s Appointment Feeling Empowered

Video 4: BONUS Interview (30 minutes)

  • The Global Doctor Mom Village Community with Dr. Morgan MacDermott, ND

What you will get:

  • Over 1 Hour of Video Content
  • Doctor Mom's Mindset Guidebook 
  • Access to Dr. Roumell’s private Facebook group, Moms Mastering Medicine, for ongoing support

Ultimately Mama, Doctor Mom’s Mindset Course will help you learn how to stay CALM and COLLECTED the next time your child gets sick. What a gift!

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What Mamas Are Saying:

“Before Med School for Moms I felt fearful, overwhelmed and confused about how to calmly and confidently care for my kids - preventing and dealing with common illnesses. After Med School for Moms, I feel way more confident and equipped (with knowledge) to actively and calmly approach the common health issues that many parents face raising their kids.”


“I could not appreciate more that these courses were self-paced. A mama's gotta get her learning in any free moment or during nap times!  In a lecture/conversation type of learning setting I gained more knowledge in a few videos than I ever could by reading a book and trying to take notes.  Dr. Roumell speaks clearly, succinctly and simplifies extensive amounts of applicable information for us. I'm a FAN! I feel much more confident, calm and able to take care of my kiddos when they get sick. I’m actually a little bit excited for my daughter to be exposed to sick kids so that I can practice and see my coursework and medicines in action!”


“Being able to go through these courses and reference them when my kiddo is sick is SO empowering!! Dr. Roumell explains everything in such an easy to understand way. I have zero experience in the medical field so I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up. HOWEVER, I was easily able to understand the way Dr. Roumell explained things and it left me feeling confident in my knowledge now. I can't wait to share this with my mama friends alike!”