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I understand and agree to the terms here. Disclaimer: The information provided is educational information for parents to help them make the best choice for themselves and their children. This information is not to be substituted for medical advice and should not be used to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions. It is intended for general information purposes only. 

I understand this material is copyrighted. I will not share either the video or handout material with anyone, without the written consent of Dr. Elana Roumell.

Hundreds of hours have gone into creating these educational resources that Dr. Elana Roumell is excited to share with you so that you can better educate your patients on vaccines. She asks that you please refrain from sharing the video and handouts that are exclusively provided for people who are invested in working with her directly.

Dr. Roumell appreciates your understanding of this request.


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Doctor Mom's Vaccine Course

Feel EMPOWERED in making decisions around VACCINES for your child!

This is Dr. Roumell's two-hour presentation she gave to medical students and doctors teaching them how she conducts her vaccine consults. The intention of this presentation was to educate local practitioners on California mandatory vaccines so they can help parents with this very very complex topic and very important topic.

She covers 7 of the 12 vaccines in great detail primarily focusing on California mandated ones.

Parents continued asking her how to access this important information so now she has made this video available for parents to watch as well. Her 25 page handout is also included which summarizes key points, shares her favorite vaccine brands along with her pre and post-vaccine detox protocol she recommends to every patient. 

We are passionate about supporting parents through making empowered choices.  

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What You Will Get:

  • Access to Dr. Roumell's vaccine handout: summarizing important vaccine info, sharing favorite vaccine brands, and her pre and post-vaccine detox protocol she shares with every patient.
  • Access to her 2-hour presentation.
  • After completing the course you are eligible for a 1-1 consult with Dr. Ari Calhoun, ND to address any further questions or concerns. This is Dr. Roumell's trusted referral. You can book an abbreviated vaccine consult with her directly by clicking here
  • Leave you feeling EMPOWERED in making decisions around vaccines for your individual child.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information provided is educational information for parents to help them make the best choice for themselves and their children. This information is not to be substituted for medical advice and should not be used to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions. It is intended for general information purposes only.


What People Are Saying:

“I purchased Dr. Elana Roumell’s Doctor Moms Vaccine Course, and would 1000% recommend this course to any parent who is interested in additional information in regards to vaccines. I have been doing my own research for the past five years since your youngest child’s vaccine reaction, and I have to say that this is one of the best resources of information that I have come across. Dr. Roumell's course covers many aspects of vaccines, detox protocols, best vaccines on the market, ways to determine the risk associated with your child’s predispositions, the cost benefit analysis of each vaccines required by public schools in CA, and so much more. She makes this complex topic easy to understand and navigate and takes the anxiety out of your decision. Not many doctors are willing to give you all the information regarding this immunotherapy. Pediatricians usually give you the standard CDC sheet prior to their administration of the vaccine without discussing what is best for your child. A one size fits all medicine is not good medicine, and Dr. Roumell’s course helps you determine what is best for each child.”


“I just finished watching your presentation and wow, just wow! I feel SO much more well-informed. Thank you!”


“I just wanted to say my husband and I got teary after watching your presentation; you have a gift, and we are so grateful for you!”


“Dr. Roumell, I know you probably receive these emails all of the time, but I feel compelled to send you another. I cannot thank you enough for producing and sharing this information with me. This is what I have been searching for. I have so enjoyed your EBook, and this vaccine document is beyond anything I could have imagined. I am a neonatal ICU nurse, and I have gone through 3 pediatricians with my son already. I always left every appointment crying and being made to feel crazy. Thank you, thank you, thank you SO much for creating evidence based truth that any person can understand. I look forward to learning more from you in the future. Blessings and talk soon, K.T. (a fearful, but empowered Mama) ”


“I just finished watching your vaccine presentation. And I just want to say thank you so much for offering that to the public. I just love learning and the way you break it down is great and I'm looking forward to having my husband watch it! You truly are an inspiration to me! So thank you again for all that you do!”


“I became aware of Dr. Roumell’s vaccine support program after using her Nourish Kids E-book, which has been an amazing resource for our family. The information is broken down in a friendly and easy to follow format and not only suggests products to keep little ones from getting sick but specific remedies for common illnesses when they do occur. The information completely transformed the way I think about keeping my kids healthy and how to best support them when they do come down with something. We have been able to stay ‘healthier’ and have taken significantly less trips to the doctor because I have been able to implement the wellness strategies. In the same way, Dr. Roumell’s vaccine support program was incredibly helpful and the information powerful. After watching the video and having a better understanding of the risk/benefits of vaccinating, I felt empowered and confident in coming up with a vaccine plan. This should be in the hands of every parent and was an incredible investment in my children’s health, I am only sorry I didn’t know about it when I had my first child!”